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In this new normal, we want your business to improve its Customer Experience through our management services. Atento@Home is a secure, cloud-native solution that expands our added value to various business scenarios where location flexibility, rapid ramp up, access to specialized talent, extra hours support, and/or business continuity plans are needed in the event of pandemics, natural disasters or changes in legislation.


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Atento@Home in-depth

Find out more information and inspiration to respond to today’s remote work challenges and how we can help you, by connecting CX teams to a cloud-native solution everywhere. Explore it!



Guarantee interactions with your customers in an agile and reliable way

White Paper

White Paper

Atento@Home: The most secure cloud-native solution that adds value to your business


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Our clients' claim:
“Atento@Home is secure"


Atento@Home pillars

The Atento@Home model bases its E2E solution on the expansion of its Customer Experience (CX) services for remote work, guaranteeing reliable operations and improving customer satisfaction through the following pillars:

Advanced Security

Remote work is here to stay. To guarantee security, information privacy and data protection when CX agents are working remotely, we created a cloud-native solution, that maximizes scalability, performance and security everywhere.

Seguridad Avanzada
+ 4,000 daily
cyberattacks worldwide
Source: FBI

Integrated operations

During crisis times, such as the current one, those companies who quickly react and adapt are rewarded. The Atento@home model is prepared to response to diverse commercial scenarios across multiple sectors: high volume demand, workspace rapid expansion, seasonal services management with specialized talent, always providing the best CX.

Operaciones Integradas
The leading companies in CX have a 16% commercial advantage over those that do not offer it.
Source: Temkin Group.

People engagement

Providing an optimal response to customer demands is part of Atento@Home's DNA. We improve management through an online participation platform that gives regular updates of products and operating procedures, within an agile and efficient ecosystem. This platform, designed for working remotely, has the following functionalities:

82% of customers prefer doing business with brands with a customized offer that fulfills their needs.
Source: Temkin Group.


Atento@Home is the combination of technological infrastructure and management tools to place agents to safely work at home, while guaranteeing an extraordinary experience for both our clients and our collaborators.

100% digital
Hiring Process

We offer you cost-effective business models, focused on productivity and customer satisfaction KPIs, along with improvements in Customer Experience (CX).

Broaden your business' horizons with Atento@Home

In this new normal, and given the current level of the market's demands, we are your best alternative to guarantee the continuity of your operation and to respond in an agile and fast way to sudden changes in the demand of customer services, sales, back office and technical support services remotely.

Atento migrated more than 72,000 agents within 45 days at the beggining of the pandemic, demonstrating our ability to deploy and manage remote agents on a large scale.

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