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Atento in Peru

Better experiences to add to your business’s competitive edge.

In Peru, we started our operations in 1999.  We are the largest and considered the most important company in the industry in the country, with 3 customer relationship centers, over 8,000 workstations and more than 14,500 employees. We currently work with a considerable number of companies from different sectors primarily those in telecommunications, banking and financial services, healthcare, retail and public administration.   

Our centers

Campus La Molina

Avenida La Molina 190, Ate, Lima Perú.

Centro Trujillo

Jirón Grau 400 Centro Comercial Boulevard 3er piso, Trujillo Perú

Campus Callao

Avenida Maquinarias 6015, Carmen de la Legua, Callao Perú


Quality and efficiency attested by the market.

Atento in Peru