Credit Origination – Cards

Multichannel card sales platform management

Management of the entire card sales pipeline supported by a digital platform and a multichannel offering that enables efficiency in every process, from document capture to contract execution, with fraud prevention, reduced costs for the company and agility for consumers.

Credit Origination – Cards


Cost Reduction

Through specialized documents management and process agility.

Increased Sales

Through a friendly and assertive approach.


Improved process safety, and drafting and validation of the contracts generated.


Integrates with the contract lifecycle, acting on post-selling and collections, as well as on cross-/up-selling of refinancing and/or new contracts.

Anti-fraud assurance and specialized documents management.

100% automated process, with multiple action platforms.

Key figures

+ 120.000

applications approved per month

+ 90

of cases completed without human intervention.

From 5 to 1 minute

for information capture