Credit Origination – Payroll Loans

Agility and efficiency to speed up credit sales.

Efficient paycheck-deductible lending management, from document capture and checking, through credit margin release, credit analysis and fraud prevention, through to contract filing. We nimbly pursue the best consumer response time and administrative costs reduction by implementing self-service solutions for banking correspondents. All of this based on process integration and automation.

Credit Origination – Payroll Loans



Assertive sizing of demand and variations to attain the agreed service level.​​


Agile and efficient process handling.


Automatically checks and releases the credit margin based on electronic form.


Execution pipeline and antifraud assurance and with not pending documentation.

Credit filing processed even as the customer completes the application form.

Integration with the loan life cycle for future loans.

Solução em números

De propostas processadas por ano.

Para recepção de documentos.

Para 10 dias no tempo de tratativas.

Dos processos com pendência documental.