Credit Origination – Mortgage

Building and maintaining relationships with prospects and obligors by means of automated processes

We manage the entire relationship pipeline for real-estate financing processes, from document analysis, through contract drafting, legal validation, Severance Indemnity Fund (mandatory savings accounts) release, inquiries service, to application execution. All automated, ensuring agility and efficiency throughout the process.

Credit Origination – Mortgage


Improved CX

Shorter response time and continuous communication on application status.


Agile and efficient process handling.​


End-to-end application tracking, with no pending issues generated.


Contract lifecycle integration, acting on post-selling and collections.

Agility in the management of processes with a high degree of security when handling confidential documents.

Cross-selling actions for insurance sales and/or new contracts.

Key figures

60 %

Reduction of the process completion time.

30 %

of Brazil´s mortgage credit portfolio


contracts signed and executed