Digital Early Collections

Intelligence and innovation for your company’s collections area

CRM, virtual agents, chatbots and self-service portal integrated in a single platform, which delivers tablets for immediate adjustments to allow a continuous improvement in the collection strategy. We simplify management based on innovation, activation and conversion.

Digital Early Collections


24/7 Service

Negotiations available at any time, every day of the week.


A team with a collections market track record.


With planned calls and negotiation methods.


Accurate and quick decision making using statistical models and Data Science, which reduces costs and improves recoveries.

Experience with several market segments leverages strategies and provides better results.

The product is constantly updated in line with the latest market trends and the availability of new tools.

Key figures

94 % voice recognition

 from the first answer

+ 12 % effective contacts

when we use virtual agents

+ 200 % of payments recovered

versus human agents