Banking Accounts

Agility and cost reduction when opening accounts

Formalization of opening bank accounts, from the capturing and checking documents and fraud prevention, to authorization for opening, with self-service adoption, process integration and automation, seeking agility in the response to the consumer and reducing administrative costs. Make possible the demand and business indicators real time tracking, such as approval / rejection of proposals.

Banking Accounts


CV Improvement

By automating and development process control.

Agility and Efficiency

In processes related to the management of specialized documents.

Fraud Reduction

And an assertive sizing of demand.


Opening bank accounts automation, anti-fraud guaranteed and eliminating pending docs.

Data completion and validation via Bureau and official databases.

Redirection for human analysis in case of automatic non-approval.

Key figures

+ 720.000

Analyzed documents.

+ 190

Accounts opened

We process 22 %

of the total volume of customer accounts