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Tendencias CX

2022 CX Trends

By Pablo Sánchez, Global Marketing & ESG Director

Consumers are, and always will be, at the center of our business. With this idea in mind, we kick off one more year observing new customer experience trends and how they can be leveraged to deliver better CX for consumers and more impactful results for clients.

The first trend is focused on the humanization and personalization of relationships. This means that relationships between brands and consumers should be dictated by the standards established by consumers themselves, based on their real needs. Customers demand personalized experiences, with journeys that are built specifically for them. Today, companies have access to advanced technologies that allow for a better understanding of consumer attitudes and desires. This data becomes the basis for creating a more human connection between brands and customers. 

I believe 2022 will bring along new hybrid and immersive experiences. This is due to the emergence of the “metaverse”, a digital environment that allows users to connect to hyper-realistic simulated scenarios. The “metaverse” opens a brand new world of possibilities for companies to invest in new customer experience models that seamlessly integrate virtual reality into people’s daily lives.

Investments in CX have become a critical element in the success roadmap of companies around the world. Microsoft’s “Global State of Customer Service” indicates that almost two thirds (58%) of globally surveyed consumers would end relationships with brands due to a bad experience. Consequently, brands will be competing in a race for the best customer experience, building comprehensive structures that involve various areas of product delivery. 

A fourth tendency would be the likely growth of investments in customer relationship automation, as well as the development of smarter products and services. In the end, what really matters is to completely solve customers’ problem, whether it's investing in technology, business intelligence, or people.

Let´s always bear in mind that the first step to building a good relationship is not to delight customers: we must first eliminate friction, then solve their problems, and then captivate them. Considering these trends will be the key to building successful consumer-centric strategies. May we continue to provide unforgettable customer experiences in 2022.