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How can CX increase sales?

Rubén Rivera, Atento México Sales and Marketing Director

We are at the end of the year, and it is peak sales season for the retail sector. Key dates such as Buen Fin, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas season set high expectations for brands, but there are also challenges in terms of user experience.

With the digital boom and the accessibility of online shopping, the channels to make a purchase and consequently contact companies to resolve concerns have diversified rapidly. Companies must be prepared to have strategies that include memorable customer experiences from start to finish, which will generate a future sale as a result.

Some aspects to consider in order to boost sales are:

Customer-centric CX strategy

These days, we cannot think about generating higher sales without considering an integral customer experience. It is therefore essential for companies to not only analyze the contact channels but take user behavior and expectations into consideration.

Today, companies that fail to focus on the customer are taking a step backwards because they do not allow themselves to be open to change. Listening to the customer is an evolutionary process that allows us to transform our operations, making improvements and creating more successful sales strategies. 

Personalization on trend

In a survey carried out by Atento, nearly two-thirds (64%) of users prefer a personalized customer experience, that is to say, that brands know their interests and adapt to their tastes, an issue undoubtedly linked to the previous point.

This is a growing trend and includes everything from the commercial side to the customer service side, as today’s consumers are more demanding than ever.

 Increase availability of digital channels

Digital channels are increasing as a consumer preference for purchasing goods and services, especially through messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or social networks—Facebook and Instagram, for example—gradually leaving phone calls behind. So much so that their use is expected to grow by an average of 11% annually by 2025[1].

Today, the most important thing about digital channels is that they are not only being used for customer service, but also becoming new selling points for companies. For an automotive company, we managed to increase the recommendation rate to 90% by enabling an omni-channel model, integrating traditional communication channels, such as phone calls or e-mail, with digital platforms, such as messaging apps and social networks.

Additionally, by implementing the certified service through WhatsApp, this platform became a new way for companies to generate sales leads.

The key to commercial success in these changing market conditions lies in knowing and listening to your customers, offering them a personalized, warm and efficient customer experience. This makes a favorable impact in terms of consumers' perception of your brand, product or service, which in turn will positively impact your sales and position relative to the competition. Customer experience in recent years has gone from a “desirable” aspect to a fundamental part of capitalizing on new business opportunities.

[1] Frost & Sullivan White Paper: Automation and Work-at-Home Transforming the Customer Experience Outsourcing Services Market in Latin America and the Caribbean, Forecast to 2025, Channel of contact. 

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