Back-Office Automation

The most efficient and 100% digital business process automation solution

Manual data entry automation, adopting consulting, OCR, facial recognition, and RPA processes, increasing back-office speed and accuracy, while reducing costs.

Back-Office Automation


Speed and Efficiency

Through automated manual entry.

Operating Costs Reduction

From both in direct labor and in the variable price per process, bringing agility and efficiency.

Security and Quality

Centralized quality control, as each document is reassembled and audited.

Differential value

BRICS: scanned document manager that automatically fragments and distributes data not recognized by OCR.

OCR: tool that extracts characters and images to convert them into text, editing even photographies.

ICR: mechanism that recognizes and extracts characters from handwritten documents.

Key figures


Of images handled by OCR.


Of issued contracts after document checking.

9 %

reduction in operational times in the first step