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Advances and digital transformation by Carlos López-Abadía, Atento´s CEO

In an interview to El Economista, Carlos López-Abadía, CEO at Atento, spoke about the company's plans to promote the diversification and digital transformation of our customers. “Atento is a company that has changed a lot in recent years. Since its origins in the telecommunications sector and mainly in traditional services, such as the call center. Nowadays, it is an extraordinarily diversified company. We are the leading company in the sector in Latin America, with a very important difference, which reaches seven percentage points in market share, when compared to the second competitor […]. Annually, we recruit and train tens of thousands of people for various tasks, such as robot programming or advanced sales. There are few companies in the world that can do this type of work on this scale. In addition, we’ve experienced a spectacular advance in digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotization and data usage, which is where we have grown the most.” Check out the full interview here or watch the video below.