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Customer Care

A holistic and automated approach to the customer service journey.

Based on CX consultancy, which includes semantics technology over an omnichannel platform, we provide the best service through customer preferred interaction tool.



1. Retention
2. Digital Customer Care
3. Shielding
4. Social Media Engagement

Intelligent interactions applied over the customer lifecycle, focused on customer retention. Complaint Monitoring allows to predict possible cancellation requests, while skilled anti-attrition agents help retain customers by reversing the cancel request or making alternative offers.

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Applying semantics technology and Data Science for predictive analysis allows to determine the best course of action. Our agile customer responses are focused on engagement and efficient troubleshooting. Plus content curating and service systems integration, in addition to human contact as needed.

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Proactive interactions with customers driven by Predictive Analytics. Our integrated multichannel framework delivers powerful customer experiences, fostering higher satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

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A resolutive and automated social media engagement solution that offers excellence in service, monitoring, moderation and management, supported by semantic technology.

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